What to do while waiting for NRMP Rank Order List deadline

With two months before the Rank Order List (ROL) deadline for the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP), there is still time to make connections and demonstrate your skills and abilities to program directors. This is a time for integrity and sincerity. Remember that after the match, you will be working with these professionals indirectly for much of your career. You will see them at conferences and work with them in your community. Your actions during the match may follow you, if foolish.

According to the NRMP applicant policy FAQ’s: You may volunteer information about where you have applied and how you plan to rank programs, to programs. For students who have had more than 10 interview offers. Even if you already sent a thank you note. You should send your top three program directors thank you notes again and let them know that you will be ranking them highly in the match. For your top program, you might also want to reach out to residents who you connected with and let them know your rank choice. Be careful about this. You don’t want one of your top programs to find out and rank you lower because of this. Be especially careful if ranking multiple programs at one facility because the program directors may talk to each other about applicants.

For students with 6 or less interviews, I would recommend sending thank you letters to all the places you interviewed and letting them know that you will be ranking them. Be specific in what you like about the programs when writing to them.

Students with 5 of less interview offers need to continue to try and rotate, or visit or even interview at locations. You need to get to know the program directors. They need to see your work ethic. They need to see that you do not bring drama to the environment and that you are there to learn and be a productive member of the team. The relationships that you make and build do not end on Match day. You need to continue to show people who you are as a person and a future physician.

For students who have gone through the match multiple times, you must email people who you have worked with or who have interviewed you and ask them for full and honest feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not a native English speaker, and your English may need improvement, consider taking advanced lessons to improved communication skills. Contact your former classmates and find out how they matched. Don’t stop working towards your goals.