Schedule time off for Match week now

Match day is not the time to try and take off a rotation, if you don’t match. If you have 6 or less interviews then you need to talk to your clerkship coordinator, your clinical dean, preceptor or boss and ask for time off as needed. If you match then you can return to your rotation or work.

Planning is key to managing the stress and anxiety related to the Match. Each student receives an email in the morning on Match day telling him or her if he or she matched or not. The news of not matching can be a shock causing feelings of anxiety, despair, rejection, depression and disbelief. Many type A personalities are not familiar with these feelings, which compounds negative emotions. Students will need some time to process feelings.

Family and friends are not usually familiar with the Match process so it can be isolating to have these feelings and not have people really understand the level of distress it can cause.

If a student is lucky enough to have a trusted friend also going through the Match, it can still be embarrassing to discuss not matching. If the friend matched and you did not, then they still don’t understand what you are going through to the full extent.

With all these feelings and emotions occurring during a short period of time, applicants need to do as much as they can in advance to focus and start thinking about next steps.

For students who received three or less interviews, consider taking the entire week off if possible to focus and give yourself the best chance of matching during SOAP.