How to choose your rank order list for the NRMP

When trying to decide how to rank the programs where you interviewed, go with your gut. Your gut response to situations is a real physiological response which protects you. Listen to yourself. You know what is right for you better than anyone else. Additionally, instead of asking every medical student you know, how he/she would rank the programs where you interviewed, ask them what experiences he/she had at the programs. It would even be better to call one of the residents at your top program and ask them about additional questions that you have. Get to know the people you may be working with. Develop a deeper connection. If you do this, you will be more comfortable with your ranking decision. You have time to decide on your ranking so there is no rush to enter it, but do not wait until the very last day in case there is a bottleneck or something happens with the computer system. Good luck.