Managing SAD while making important decisions

Are you feeling overwhelmed, and agitated, have low energy and trouble concentrating, avoiding people, and feeling depressed? This can be problematic when you are trying to make important decisions like ranking, or performing your best at an interview. The inability to make a decision can be a symptom of depression. If you feel the need to ask others to validate your choices, like your rank list, this may be why. While society is busy multitasking and working overtime, it can be hard to reflect on what is going on within yourself.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the type of depression related to seasonal patterns of winter and less sunlight. Some attributes cannot be changed, like distance from the equator, gender, and family history, but there are treatments which can help. Biologically, research shows issues regulating serotonin, melatonin and/or Vitamin D are related. For the full list of symptoms, go to NIMH,

Although SAD is not new to the medical community, paying attention to your emotions can help you to better understand it’s effects. Spend a few minutes each day listening to your body or meditating. Mark on the calendar March 20, the first day of spring and look forward to it. Eat some foods high in Vitamin D and B like salmon, or eggs. Go outside for a walk or run and get twice the bang for your buck by getting sunshine and releasing endorphins from exercise. If you still feel depressed or suicidal, get medical treatment immediately. This illness needs to be managed just like any other. Depression and SAD can be treated and you can feel better again, one day at a time.