Match prep for Monday

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Get a good workout in today. Not so hard that you can not function tomorrow, but enough to get your immune system is engaged, endorphins are released and stress is reduced. Find a person to be with you tomorrow if you are concerned that you will not match. Emotional support during this more important than you realize. Also they can assist you with making decisions at a time when you may be a little shocked and not thinking clearly. Prep your lunch, preferably a green salad with some protein and vegetables to give you the boost you need to think clearly.

Have your clothes ready for video interviews and your computer setup with a nice background and lighting. Do something that calms you today, whatever it is. It could be cleaning your apartment or watching a movie or talking with a friend. Try deep breathing or a hot bath with podcast. Try and keep your anxiety down and your focus on something else. Remember anxiety does not change anything. It just makes you feel worse because you have no control at the moment.

You should have your alternative Personal Statements ready for backup specialties and a prepare a verbal statement of why you think you did not match. Program directors may ask you to see how self-aware you are. Practice your answers in the mirror and smile when you talk. It may help you to relax.

If you feel out of control and need help tomorrow or worry that you may need help, put this phone number in your phone or on a sticky note on your mirror or computer or where you need it.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

The most important thing to remember is that you will get through tomorrow, whatever happens. You can do this. Your family and friends are proud of all the achievements that you have made and they will support you no matter what. Good luck.