Demand Change!

This is the time to stop accepting systems that do not work and demand change from people in power in the healthcare industry, in the medical field, from our institutions and leaders. Government bureaucracy has ground physicians and healthcare provides down and needs to be removed so they can practice medicine again. Over-regulation from multiple organizations drives up healthcare costs and disenfranchises the public. As medical norms change to eliminate red tape, we must fight to keep them from going back to business as usual.

The Center for Medicaid and Medicare services has waived policy to allow easier physician teleconference requirements. This policy must stay in effect in order to make it easier for people to access healthcare. Health and Human Services announced on March 18th, that physicians and medical professionals may practice across state lines. This is another regulation which should require reciprocity for licensing between states.

The world’s healthcare systems are rapidly adapting to meet the needs of this global pandemic. Italy is sending 10,000 fourth year medical students to assist in the healthcare crisis, as their healthcare workers need relief. As of March 22, Italy has had over 4,000 deaths, one of the hardest hit countries in the world so far.

We have seen how quickly countries can change behavior when it is an emergency. Can we apply these experiences to the next crisis? Will we reduce unnecessary business and air travel to reduce emissions and save resources? Will telemedicine revolutionize the medical system? Will American universities join with Silicon Valley and use AI to find cures to diseases faster? We have to act for the better of humanity in our choices. We must stand up to the industries which tell us everything was OK the way that it was. We must demand change.