Pharmaceutical Companies must step up and contribute

Pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars each year in profit. During this world crisis, pharmaceutical companies must step up and contribute help people during this economic crisis. The contribution must be relative to their earnings from people across the globe.

In 1987, Merck pharmaceutical company donated their River Blindness treatment across the world. Over 152 million people have been treated. Their decision to do this act of humanity was altruistic and demonstrated leadership and compassion for all of humankind.

Quarantining people across the globe has created an unprecedented economic crisis, especially for the poor in the world. As some governments work to provide resources for their citizens, companies need to also help during this moment in time.

It is going to take some time to get world economies back on track and get money back into the pockets of people. One thing that the pharmaceutical industry could do is to provide free prescription medications for people for six months. This would allow people to continue to be treated with their medications instead of deciding between buying food or prescriptions. This may sound like a large amount of money, but the pharmaceutical industry receives billions of dollars in sales and can make it happen if they have the vision and empathy.

CEO’s, Board’s of Trustees, shareholders and leadership at companies must put people before profits. This is the time act. This is the time to be seen as a giant in a time of struggle. Ask yourself what your greatest achievement will be. What affect will you have on the world? Will you impact the lives of millions or possibly billions of people in the world? Will you be remembered for your impact or will you be forgotten in the dust of the world? Make your mark. Be great.