Covid-19 crisis moves healthcare to change

As technology continues to grow exponentially and applications are applied to every aspect of our lives, the healthcare industry is being forced to change too.

Healthcare services are seeing a paradigm shift from in-person visits to telehealth. Normally used to bring providers and patients together in rural and underserved communities, using telehealth in all communities is the natural progression of healthcare.

It saves time driving, provides better access for the elderly and disabled, eliminates spread of contagious infections in the clinic, allows providers to see patients in their home environments which can assist in identifying healthcare issues and social issues.

As testing for Covid-19 begins to assist in bringing society back to a previous sense of normalcy, we must keep the positive gains in place that telehealth is providing. All healthcare providers must advocate to use telehealth and not let regulatory agencies force them back to business as usual. Change can be good, even if forced upon us initially thru a crisis. I personally have had several telehealth doctors appointments from my couch and I love them. This is a change I want to keep. We need to fight for it.