You are not alone. There is help. Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

When you are afraid, that you are going to fall through the ice, don’t forget that you were made to swim.

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit emergency rooms and people started dying in mass, the mental health community has warned of a coming tsunami of trauma and PTSD in the healthcare workers, who are on the front lines. Yet once again, people in control of the healthcare systems have failed to put stop-gaps in place to protect them. Statistically, it is well reported that physicians already have higher rates of suicide than the rest of the population, and now it will most likely continue to rise higher. As the news reports another physician suicide, the pain and suffering is amplified in the community.

The added stress to return to work and develop social distancing plans, while treating patients is counter-intuitive. Hospitals are choosing to start elective surgeries based on the bottom line. A serious restructuring of pay needs to be addressed. People on the front lines should be paid more. The time for multi-million dollar salaries for the top executives and big corporations profiteering off the healthcare workers needs to come to an end. In a time of physician shortages, hospitals should be protecting each person’s physical and mental well-being. If they won’t do that, then healthcare workers should join together and make them change. If not now, in the worst medical crisis of modern history, then when?