Some Residency Positions are still available for 2020

For all the students and graduates who are still looking for a residency position for 2020, there are still some positions available, you just need to keep looking and be persistent. For example, confirmed on 4/30/2020, HCA Medical City in Arlington is currently accepting applications through ERAS for an open surgery position. Just because you did not match in the formal NRMP match or SOAP, does not mean that the season is over. You can continue to look and find open positions up until July.

There are a number of resources available to help you look, including traditional and nontraditional resources. To assist students and graduates, there is a list with links on the resources page available. The point is do not give up. It is certainly worth your continued time and effort to try and get a position starting in 2020, instead of waiting for the 2021 season to begin. Keep working toward your goals. Good luck.